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The Artists of Mata Ortiz
Alphabetical Order

Laura Bugarini : She is one of the most accomplished potters of Mata Ortiz. Very early on, she was able to develop a unique style, crafting amazing ollas decorated with  small  delicate lines and dots that circle the pot creating a dynamic design. 

Cesar & Gaby Dominguez: This team of potters produce some of the finest pottery in Mata Ortiz. Their work is exhibited in many museums and collections.  They are constantly traveling to shows, museum and gallery exhibits. 

         They were selected by the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California to continue with the summer pottery workshops that Juan Quezada used to  give there.  Idyllwild  continues with them the summer tradition that began in the 1950's  bringing the best artists in their fields to teach under the pines, such as Maria Martinez, Lucy Lewis, Blue Corn, Amado Peņa.
        Cesar and Gaby make some of the best plates in Mata Ortiz. 

Martha Martinez de Dominguez: A successful potter in her own right, Martha learned how to make pottery from her brother in-law, master potter Cesar Dominguez, and from her sister Graciela Gallegos .  Her husband Tony Dominguez helps her sand and polish her pots. 

Ismael Flores: Ismael Flores is a rising star from Mata Ortiz. He was taught by his cousin Manolo Rodriguez Guillen , and although he has been a potter since the 1980's,  he recently changed his cuadritos design for the dynamic swiping lines that make his ollas so appealing. 

Hector & Graciela Gallegos: 

Hector Gallegos Jr.

Miriham Gallegos

Efren Ledezma

Leonel Lopez Saenz: His style has greatly influenced many potters in Mata Ortiz. His designs are always perfectly symmetrical and calculated to the last detail. He uses mainly the sgraffito technique,  delicately scratching the surface of the olla with a pocketknife or even a toothpick, exposing the clay bellow through the colored slips he first applies!   View Artist's Pottery 2

Jesus Martinez

Luis Martinez

Profirio "Pilo" Mora

Eli Navarrete : In 1997, in "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz" the authors had this to say about Eli Navarrete:  "He could become one of the two or three potters to ever come out of Mata Ortiz" In 2007 we say he already is one of the best!

Why is Eli considered one of the top artists in Mata Ortiz? Maybe because:
His designs are not only beautiful but creative and intelligent and has developed his own style.
He respects each of his pieces, dedicating the necessary amount of time to every aspect of his pottery making.
He has grown as an artist and perfected his craft, mastering his painting technique in which the paint is almost integrated to the pot. 

Hector Ortega

Eduardo "Chevo" Ortiz

Isidro Ortiz

Macario & Nena Ortiz

Nicolas Ortiz

Enrique Pedregon

Humberto & Blanca Ponce

Consolacion Quezada

Damian Quezada

Dora Quezada

Jose Quezada

Juan Quezada

Mauro Quezada

Nicolas Quezada

Noe Quezada

Manuel "Manolo" Rodriguez Guillen

Rey & Lupe Rodriguez

Andres Villalba

Lourdes "Luli" Villalba

Sabino "Cabi" Villalba